Press & Play


Press and play is a multi-faceted, one stop shop for artists, labels and industry professionals seeking expert advise and consultation in the realm of electronic dance music. Set up in 2008, originally as a high-end promo pool for record labels promoting their releases, we have since then successfully expanded our activities into artist and label management, distribution and event organizing.

Working with some of the industry's most prestigious and influential players, has significantly bolstered our reputation while, more importantly, ensured a very high standard of operation. Our highly skilled and motivated staff work around the clock to meet our clients' objectives providing essential and hassle free services ranging from simple, bespoke social network promotion to intricate, strategic marketing planning.

Artist Management

With a firm background in artist management and with many years of experience within the recording industry, we are proud to represent some of today's hottest new production talent in the Techno and House arena. Our service is primarily designed to facilitate up and coming artists with the day to day management of their increasingly complex and demanding schedules in the rapidly shifting music industry environment.

Label Management

Having successfully started, worked with and managed some of the most important and most relevant record labels in the industry, our team is ideally suited to offering its comprehensive and invaluable services and direction to ensuring your label realizes its full potential and achieves a healthy and unilateral growth! We have spent years forging successful relationships and partnerships with distrubutors, press, artists and other useful industry colleagues-all of which are of paramount importance to further developing a label's profile and status.

Label Promotion

We offer a tailor-made, comprehensive promotional mailout service to over a thousand DJ's, Magazines and Radio producers offering your label unparalleled support and recognition that is vital to the effective promotion of your label's music. Each promotional campaign is unique and customized in order to fit you and your label's profile ensuring you reach and attract your desired audience!


In this modern, digital age no forward thinking label can be complete without an iron clad and organized digital distribution network. As the the margins between physical and digital product, shift, contract and continue to blur, it is essential that your label's music reach as wide an audience as possible, with the appropriate projection and in the highest possible quality! Our team is proud to be associated with all the premium online retailers and specialists on the web and will be thrilled to help you and your music achieve further recognition and availability!


Keeping our eyes on all aspects of the industry, we are now proud to introduce Press & Play music publishing. From accurate registration and timely royalty collection, to protecting and monitoring usage of our catalog, we are determined to make sure that our artists are reaping the benefits that their hard work has entitled them to. Our catalog already features high-caliber artists such as Spartaque and Spektre,and labels such as Umek's 1605, Respekt and others.

Event Management

Press & Play Management branches out even further and unveils its new Evolution brand. Evolution is a production company orchestrating various music events, each attached to their own unique concept. The first one to launch is ClubEvolution which is a mobile party aimed strictly at clubs around Greece and, of course, worldwide.

Evolution, however, does not limit its action to clubs. The groundwork is already complete for projects such as:

  • WarehouseEvolution
  • BeachEvolution
  • RoofEvolution
  • FestivalEvolution
  • LabEvolution
  • RadioEvolution

Who we are

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