Press & Play


Bodyscrub, Gery Otis - The Jack
Helmut Kraft - We Are Machines
Reckless Device - When God Meets Man


Deeper Purpose - Trintafula EP
PMX SoundZ - Sabron EP
PMX SoundZ, H & Dash - Efaltrina EP

1967 rec

Luke - Rumore Bianco
Alex Aglieri - Absolute

A Deep Within

Shane Fontane - His Mind EP
Shane Fontane - Eyes Gone Wide EP
Shane Fontane - Believe In Me EP

Autektone Records

T78 - Snake Mountain EP
T78 - Eternia EP
T78 - Fright Zone EP

Baptism Records

Ninno Mancini - Rise To Silence
Nik Feral - Charlie Made Her
Alan Banjo & Hakan Ludvigson - Chant

Beenoise Records

Alex Aglieri & Luke - The King Speech
Sergio Marini & Luke - There Be Noise
Luke - Rhymes and Reason

Black Noire Records

Jim Noizer - Techno Poison
Jim Noizer - Dark Symphony
Hoffman & Joyce - Bajiquan

Caledor Records

DJ MendezisMZ - Face & Cross
DJ MendezisMZ - Castilla
Various Artists - Batallones Vol.2


Heerhorst - Vortex EP
Dani Sbert - Better World EP
Steel Grooves - Bring The Funk Back

Complete Records

Carlos Beltran - Voise
Carlos Beltran - Superb
Carlos Beltran - Komet

Connective Records

Parallel Ground - The Dark Past EP
T78 - Goddess EP

Cube Trax

Landmark - Necessary Evil
Landmark - More

Cubic Capacity

Quantum Computer Code - Uncertainty Codes LP
Biotech - Atheist Godfather

Das Musik

DJ Carlo Bardini & V-Style - V-Style Project 1
VCE Departures - Clipper / Nasa
DJ Carlo Bardini, Del Cardo - Progress / House Fast


Dataworx & Nic Vetter - Particles EP
Spartaque - Poses
Subliminal Series 03

De-Noize Records

Dandi & Ugo - Got Shine EP
Audio KoDe - Floating Zone EP
Audio KoDe, Miss Jennifer - Transverse EP


Dimitri Motofunk - Just Another Night EP
George Makrakis - Extinction EP
Axel Karakasis - Massive Moment

Famille Electro Records

Josh Love - Call The Police
Dan Corco - Sensa
Jobb - 1977 EP


TNTS - Lonely Boy / Sweet Retaliation
ENAI - Disturbed / Acid Chaos
Fresco Spring Edition


Da Fresh - This Generation
Hannes Bruniic - Srecno Pot
Da Fresh - Close 2 U

Friday Lights Music

Dangur & Alenbeat - Desert Lion
Zacharias Tiempo - Brazil
Jever & Murray - One Light-year From Now

Gate Null Recordings

Andrea Frisina - Strings Of Earth
Claudia Cazacu - Lies
Frank Kvitta - Eternia EP

Griffintown Records

Dean Chapple & James Daniels - The Lion EP
Mr Morek - Blues EP

Ground Factory

Kalden Bess, D&D - Heighten Altitude
Factory Series 002
Kalden Bess - RAW / Mary Jane (Remixed)

Le Club Records

GizA Djs - Message From Outer Space / Polyrythm
Ramon Bedoya - Rumors / Ease
Various Artists - WMC Sampler 2017


Dany T - Mediterranean Soul
Byron Gilliam - Blacked Out Windows
George Makrakis - Mind Shifter EP

LR Recordings

George Henriquez - Rage EP
Lluis Ribalta - Demo EP
Lluis Ribalta - Womb EP (Remixes)


MAAE - Change Is A Process EP
Skober - Feel This
Tom Laws - Plastic Gangster

Mile End Records

Piem & Yamil - Only Knew
Darick Gyorgy & Fadel - The Funky EP
Mirko Di Florio - Sex Monster EP


Wegmeth - Acidity EP
Risto - Perfect Road
S.Y.N.O. - Licht & Farben

Mudra Audio

Marco Piangiamore - High Violins

New Port Records

Chain One
Copilco - Reclaim
Martin Kleinert - Derketo EP

Ovest Music

Darkrow - Future EP
Ovest Music ADE 2015
Drexler - Mozzzquito EP

Passeport Records

ONYVAA - Printemps EP

Perfekt Groove Recordings

Matt Minimal - Child Remixes Part I
Matt Minimal - Child
Matt Minimal - Last Week


Steve Shaden, Kristina Lalic - Denial EP
Steam Shape - Leave It Behind EP
Thomas Evans - Backdoor

Plasteline Recordings

Madid - Subtle Beast
Vazik - For The Music
Deetrack - Transmissions

Reload Black Label

Moby, The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me?
Devid Dega - Skylark
Lunatique Sublime - Holograma

Remain Records

Sin Sin - First Light EP
Various Artists - Clippings Volume 06
Hurukan - Banshee EP

Sabotage Records

LFCs - Wave
Lutzenkirchen - Boulder Dash
Marbox - Innominate

Seaweed Records

Seaweed Winter Sampler 2
Copilco - Corals (Patagonia Remix)

Sounds of Earth

Mild Bang - Attitude EP
Dhyan Droik - Revoked EP
TNTS - Melancholy

Spazio Sonoro Records

Alberto Santana - Syzygy EP
Alberto Santana - The Body Snatchers
H. Paul - The Beginning Of Life

Suleiman Records

Ini - Glow
Andrew McDonnell - Be The Same
Tadeo Catzin - Aftereado

Swift Records

El Greco feat. G.Pal - The Underworld Series Part 1
Nonnus & Porter Rhodes - Let It Go EP
Axel Karakasis - Bouncer EP

Take Away

Ki.Mi. - The First Snow
Peter Makto & Gregory S - Hide and Seek
Khaan & Tostoi - So Much

Techno League Records

Linus Quick - Keep it Real EP
Sutter Cane - Dirty Funk
AnGy KoRe - Synthetic Bells EP

TOCA45 Recordings

Tocadisco - Album
Alok - The Future
Tocadisco - Granulat

Tribal Vision

DJ Slater & Nipp - Trust in Me (feat. Erika Fecova)
Tegma - Greek Myths
Tegma - Xenomorph

Ultradrum Records

Alex Smott, Nhitto - Plata o Plomo EP
German Valley - Exile EP
Antonello Teora - Another Mind EP

Undergroove Music

Caballero - Still Here
Hot Tuneik - Little Baby EP
Reefer Deluca - Slidewise

Way Of House

Max Muller - Eternity EP
Delon - Valley Of Nowhere EP
Feder feat. Alex Aiono - Lordly (Wielki Remix)