Press & Play


Nick Hansen - Falling Deeper
Chain - Relief
Helmut Kraft - Cerebrale Inflector


Melnik, Across The Flow - Mitrate EP
Feld & Rieger, Ben Tax - Bridanivo EP
Deeper Purpose - Trintafula EP


Michele Mausi - Audionaut EP

A Deep Within

Shane Fontane - 2017 Release and Burn
Shane Fontane - Seeing Stars
Shane Fontane - Now We're Here EP

Autektone Records

ROBPM - Sobriety EP
Christian Cambas - The Outsiders
Various Artists - Tektones #2 (Part 2)

Beenoise Records

Sergio Marini & Luke - Euro Technoises Vol. 2
Sergio Marini & Luke - Tech Noise Vol. 1
Mattias Milzep - Troller

Black Noire Records

Jim Noizer - Digital Noise
Jim Noizer - Techno Poison
Jim Noizer - Dark Symphony

Boys & Girls Records

Tolis Q - Humanism EP

Clubstream Green

Alex Luciano - Faces

Complete Records

Carlos Beltran - Voise
Carlos Beltran - Superb
Carlos Beltran - Komet

Connective Records

David Moran1 - Sheet Load EP
Carlo Ciferni - Another Trip EP
Sergy Casttle - Horizont EP


Dimitri Motofunk - Just Another Night EP
George Makrakis - Extinction EP
Axel Karakasis - Massive Moment

Famille Electro Records

Punky Wash - Rock'in
DJ Entwan - Without You
Josh Love - Call The Police


Soundbones - Southern Girl / Worst Days
TNTS - Lonely Boy / Sweet Retaliation
ENAI - Disturbed / Acid Chaos

Friday Lights Music

Ornery - Gravitational
Max Pollyul - Personal Stuff
Various Artists - Monday

Gain Records

Sisko Electrofanatik - Cocaine (The Remixes 2018)
Hallow - Rolling
Vooz Brothers - Busy EP

Gate Null Recordings

Andrea Frisina - Iaag (Keep Dreaming)
D.R.N.D.Y - Nocturnal
Andrea Frisina - Strings Of Earth

Griffintown Records

Dean Chapple & James Daniels - The Lion EP
Mr Morek - Blues EP

Kinetika Records

Bassel Darwish - Mind
K.A.M.A. - Bael
Clyde P - Talking Heads

Le Club Records

Dok & Martin - The Junk Man / I Remember You
Veerus - Hold On (Supported by Sam Paganini)
Ibiza Sampler 2017


Terra4beat - Fracture EP
George Makrakis - Inferno
Erich Von K - Rubicon EP

LR Recordings

Manuel Rey - Astray EP
Efren Kairos - Fallen Tree EP
DigitalboyBdn - Backyard EP

Mentor Records

Trevor Rockcliffe - Freak Like Us EP
Andy Slate - The Funk / Miracles
Alen Milivojevic - Pill Head EP


Ken Ishii - Tilt Anomaly
MAAE - Change Is A Process EP
Skober - Feel This

New Port Records

Abseits - Gesellschaftslaufer
Copilco - Dark Matter
Martin Kleinert, Monova - Transience and Oblivion

Ovest Music

Stefano Parenti - Better View EP
Alessio Frino & Rone White - Let's do it EP
Darkrow - Future EP

Passeport Records

ONYVAA - Passeport 007 EP
ONYVAA - Poem of the Atoms EP
ONYVAA - Printemps EP


Tom Hutt - Prisoners EP
Mario Ochoa - Gryphon EP
Frankyeffe - It's A Dream

Plasteline Recordings

Kiran & GB - Elect 07
Samuel Wallner - Zero EP
Madid - Apophis

Reload Black Label

Moby, The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me?
Devid Dega - Skylark
Lunatique Sublime - Holograma

Sounds of Earth

Madid - Interstellar Rhapsody
Nosegrab & Fhaken - Sonorus
Alex Young & Deetech - Dial Symphony

Spazio Sonoro Records

Alberto Santana - Our Darkness
Alberto Santana - The Giant Planet
Alberto Santana - Lost & Unpublished

Suleiman Records

Darem Aissa - Sonder
Ini - Glow
Andrew McDonnell - Be The Same

Sync Fx

V.A. - Reflection
Optimuss - System Road
Elay Lazutkin - Craze EP

Take Away

Mirida - 12 Doors
Take Away Street Vol. 3
Ki.Mi. - The First Snow

Techno League Records

Linus Quick - Keep it Real EP
Sutter Cane - Dirty Funk
AnGy KoRe - Synthetic Bells EP


Torsten Kanzler feat. Piper Davis - Iron (Remixes)
Torsten Kanzler - Elements

TOCA45 Recordings

Tocadisco - Resurrection EP
Tocadisco - Album
Alok - The Future

Undergroove Music

Caballero - Still Here
Hot Tuneik - Little Baby EP
Reefer Deluca - Slidewise

Way Of House

James Mac & Vall feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen - Me And You
Time - Bird
Max Muller - Eternity EP

We Love Techno LTD

Acid Kit - Techno City